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THE CHALLENGE OF QSR FRANCHISE EXPANSION: What It Takes to Go From 10 to 100 Locations

Chart showing growth of food franchises from 2013-2017 (in output). Retail Food =17.8%.Full Service = 22.5%. Quick Serve Restaurants = 28.6%.


It’s not easy to create a new quick serve restaurant. And if it does succeed, it’s not a given that it can successfully make the jump to a franchise chain. Competition and complexity throw up roadblocks at every turn. To make the leap from ten locations to a hundred, the owner must be able to replicate the smallest details in the systems, operations, and atmosphere that made the original location so good.

Read on to explore these critical factors of franchise expansion:

  • The threefold formula for choosing the right location
  • What makes a system "resilient" and positioned to support growth
  • The importance of vendors as partnerships
  • How one of Forbes' "Best Franchises to Buy" has expanded by 30% in five years