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Attracting The Right Franchisees

Chart showing growth of food franchises from 2013-2017 (in output). Retail Food =17.8%.Full Service = 22.5%. Quick Serve Restaurants = 28.6%.


The franchise business is booming. 

For entrepreneurs who want to rapidly expand their successful business, franchising is an effective strategy. And for entrepreneurial-minded people looking to buy a business with a market-tested product and a proven business plan, becoming a franchisee is an attractive option.

This model rewards initiative, reinforces the strength of the brand, and can offer unlimited return on the initial investment.

When things go well...

Download the white paper to explore these critical factors of franchise expansion:

  • How could this fail? Learn how not to expand
  • The fundamentals for success
  • How Planet Fitness put all the pieces together to become an iconic franchise
  • The keys to attracting the right franchisees